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Exploration Spaces™: An Enormous Untapped Opportunity

Exploration Spaces are customer interactions where a retailer doesn't have fresh data to signal customer intent. Without knowledge of intent, it is difficult to decide what categories or products to display. As a result, when retailers attempt to generate interest, their default action is to offer steep discounts. 

These interactions are the most frequent touch point retailers have with their customers and they are found in: 

Promotional Emails
Home Page
Category Pages
Mobile App

Exploration Spaces offer an opportunity to identify and influence customer interests. A retailer typically has 20x more of these customer interactions than where a customer’s intent is known (shopping cart, product pages, searches).

Jetlore’s solution enables a retailer to seize this opportunity.

With Jetlore you can deliver real-time, adaptively curated product collections in...
Promotional emails, onsite, and mobile contexts.

The curated product collections lift sales by featuring items a customer is likely to purchase. The collections also contain experiments, or ‘surveys’ that help discover and influence customer interests.

How can you take advantage of Exploration Spaces? 

It takes a different kind of technology to seize this opportunity and this is where Jetlore’s Adaptive Product Discovery delivers an unmatched solution.

Introducing Adaptive Product Discovery

Use Adaptive Product Discovery to explore and influence customer interests.

Offer. Ranks the products in your entire catalog real-time for each customer interaction. Incorporates real-time product performance and inventory data.

Listen. Observes customer interactions with active data (clicks, searches, cart adds, product views) and passive data (previously displayed products) collected from product collections in emails and onsite.

Learn. Continuously updates each customer profile.

Adapt. Curates a fresh, non-repetitive collection for each new customer interaction.

Offer, listen, learn, and adapt.

Implementation of Adaptive Product Discovery delivers a broad range of tangible and measurable financial benefits:

Elevate customer lifetime value and reduce customer churn
Improve customer activation rates through discovery of product interests rather than offering of large discounts.
Eliminate manual activity related to onsite and email product merchandising
Improve margins by surfacing and selling high margin and long-tail items
Improve ROI from email list building investments.

Up to 80% lift in revenue per promotional email sent

Lifts in total Enterprise revenue up to 10%.

Dramatic results with subscriber activation

Are you ready to discover and influence customer interests?

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