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Algorithmic merchandising is the mobile-era format of email marketing

While shopping cart triggers are effective at tightening the bottom of your funnel, the majority of retail email is focused on retention and re-activation, driving users to the top of the funnel. Promotional email in its current format is much less effective in the mobile era. Very few users actually click through daily/weekly email campaigns to browse the product catalogs. Algorithmic merchandising is the proven way to make promotional email effective in the mobile era.

  • On mobile phones, consumers don't often have the luxury to look for products or browse the product catalog. You need to bring the products directly into the email itself.
  • By placing the merchandise directly into the body of the email, the path to purchase is much shorter. With less friction to purchase, engagement goes up, as do conversions and revenue.
  • Featuring merchandise in your weekly/daily email campaigns allows you to exploit cross-selling opportunities from prior purchases, along with interest and intent signals gained from users’ passive and active browsing behavior. It increases the flow through the middle of the funnel at a much a larger scale.

How algorithmic merchandising is different from product recommendations

  • Product recommendations require the context of a specific SKU, like a shopping cart item, to find other similar SKUs. Daily/weekly emails have no SKU context to drive accurate recommendations. Algorithmic merchandising looks at the entire purchase history and all of the browsing activity to infer user affinity for product attributes instead individual products.
  • Recommendations lack the context of real time inventory data. Algorithmic merchandising tracks real-time inventory performance dynamically incorporating seasonal trends and daily best sellers.
  • Recommendations are not designed for daily/weekly email campaigns, they don't track user's passive behavior and quickly become repetitive. Algorithmic merchandising tracks what products get displayed to each user and learns from the user's passive behavior, ensuring that products don't repeat and don't feature products the user ignores.
  • Algorithmic merchandising allows you to combine personalization with strict business rules that can discriminate merchandise based on price, discount, category, inventory levels, etc.

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