Go Beyond Personalization
to Prediction
with Jetlore's
AI-powered prediction platform

The majority of customer touch-points are in the upper funnel - and it needs a major upgrade.

Upper Funnel

Currently a "one-size-fits-all experience"

Manually curated by marketing teams

Trains customers to wait for discounts

Lower Funnel

Product Detail Pages, Shopping Cart Page, Behavioral Email Triggers

Touch points where customers are already likely to convert.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Enabling product discovery in Upper Funnel channels yields enormous gains, but current solutions serve up broad, irrelevant content for the masses. Jetlore's Artificial Intelligence technology ranks, selects, and delivers the most relevant user experience for anyone, at any time.

How each solution sees the user


One Size Fits All

Everyone receives the same discounts and categories, regardless of behavior.


User browsed jeans. He now belongs to the jeans segment.


This is Joe. Based on the attributes within the products he interacts with, we know he likes expensive brands, tailored fits, and keeps it casual.

Learning-to-Rank Technology

Jetlore Solutions


Individualized Email Campaigns

Drive higher customer lifetime value by automatically selecting the email promotions, categories, products, and editorial content that fit each customer's diverse interests and preferences. 


Layouts for Web

Decrease bounce rate and increase engagement on your top landing pages. 

Jetlore recognizes each customer on-site, and populates the promotions, categories, items, and editorial pieces based on their specific interests.


Product Listing Page Ranking

Use machine learning to sort each product based on its attributes and relevance to each user's preferences in real-time.


Layouts for Apps

Maximize your mobile real estate by delivering only the most relevant content in a limited space.