Delivering fresh and engaging customer experiences for leading e-commerce retailers on three continents.

Personalized experiences are at the core of relationship commerce. 

There's a broad shift occurring in e-commerce from transactional commerce to relationship commerce. At the core of this shift is a requirement to offer fresh, personalized content for every customer experience. 

These experiences occur on home and category pages, in promotional and lifecycle emails, and in mobile apps. Providing personalized content for every experience requires specific technology that combines real-time, multi-device, cross-channel user profiles with adaptation of what the customer is experiencing. 

Jetlore’s SaaS solution uses behavioral, contextual, and product information to predict and re-rank relevant content at open/view time to make each customer experience unique, fresh, and relevant:

Deliver unique curated content for each customer experience, engage customers, and build deeper customer relationships.

 Offer experiences that adapt for each customer interaction.  

Use frequent-touch channels like email newsletters to deliver unique experiences that activate customers through product interests.
Deliver unified multi-channel customer experiences that accelerate product introductions.

Engage and activate customers with fresh, delightful, adapted experiences

Provide diverse curated content and increase order frequency.

Offer Create and rank content in real-time for each discovery experience.

Listen Build unified customer profiles with data from multiple channels, include passive observations of products, content viewed.

Learn Observe behavior and update profiles in real-time.

Adapt Create and deliver personalized customer experiences.

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Extraordinary 'Time to Value', Transformative Business Impact

Build deeper customer relationships that elevate lifetime value.
Unify the customer experience across channels with adaptive content that responds to the customer.
Automate processes related to promotional email.
Activating with product interests, rather than discounts, increases 'full-price' transactions.
Transform email into a customer relationship building channel.
Accelerate product introductions and maximimize the life-cycle value of long-lived items.

Up to 80% increase in revenue per email opened.

Lifts in total Enterprise revenue up to 10%.

Adaptive experiences improve engagement and lifetime value.

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Relationship commerce - the new engine of e-commerce - are you ready? 

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