Turn consumer behavior into structured, actionable data about your customers.

Born in AI.  Stronghold in Retail.  Jetlore—the final puzzle piece of CRM.

Jetlore's AI-powered platform helps top retailers build stronger customer loyalty, higher conversions and increased revenues.


The Prediction Platform

Jetlore’s AI-powered Prediction Platform takes the guesswork out of rule-driven automation and intuition-based marketing, providing the most optimal decision for each unique consumer.

Jetlore's Latest Content

“Add to Cart: Deal Makers and Deal Breakers of the Online Shopping Experience” 

Jetlore conducted a survey of 750 consumers to understand their sensitivity to online shopping experiences. The findings show that shoppers’ patience and loyalty are tightly tied to convenience and personalization.

Jetlore's Influence

Jetlore technology powers some of the world's largest retailers and B2C brands.

3 Billion


User Tracking Calls / Month

1.8 Billion


Ranking Calls / Month



Countries Powered by Jetlore

$48 Million


Online Jetlore-driven Revenue / Month