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Merchandising email campaigns is key to customer engagement and sustainable email revenue

Featuring merchandise can activate as many as 75% of your subscribers every month and enable email to drive up to 40% of your sales.

  • Sorting bestsellers, new arrivals, and combining them with individual buyer preferences without being repetitive is hard.
  • It’s impossible to predict which products will perform the best and optimize accordingly after the email is sent.
  • Changes in inventory and buyer preferences can make your emails irrelevant in mere hours.
  • Recommender systems are not for newsletters. They ignore inventory trends, lack real‑time optimization, and are repetitive.

Jetlore automatically merchandises each customer’s newsletter as it is opened

Our lightweight plug‑and‑play solution works on top of any email service and optimizes inventory for each customer in real‑time.

Self‑refreshing email newsletters allow you to send fewer emails per month, resulting in less churn.
Merchandise is tailored to each customer without being repetitive, delighting them with fresh products every day.
Jetlore monitors your inventory trends in real‑time and uses them to tune merchandise selection.
Product selection is optimized in real‑time as more newsletters are opened.
See actual lifts in revenue and customer engagement, not just open and clickthrough rates.

Getting Started

It only takes three steps:


Give us your product feed

Provide your product or content feed to us. This can be done via your own product API or as a daily file upload.


We collect click and purchase data

We’ll provide a JavaScript snippet for you to insert into your product pages and your order confirmation page. This snippet tracks clicks and purchases made by your users.


Users see merchandise in your email campaigns

We’ll give you HTML snippets to include in your email campaigns and our code will dynamically generate merchandise when the email is viewed.

With proven results from industry leaders, we guarantee you a real revenue lift.

Jetlore empowers you with the best‑in‑class technology trusted by e‑commerce leaders who have transformed the email marketing space. Our goal is not only to marginally improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns, but make them one of your primary drivers of revenue and engagement.

Are you ready to start merchandising your email campaigns?

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