Delivering Product Discovery for Internet Retailer 500 Companies on Three Continents

Discover Customer Interests With Fresh, Relevant and Adaptive Product Content

Most customer touches in promotional emails and home and category pages occur where the customer's intent is unknown. This state is ripe for discovery and presents a prime opportunity to add customers into your purchase funnel

These interactions can be used to present curated product collections and to iteratively discover customer interests. Opportunities for discovery are common in: 

Promotional Emails
Home Page
Category Pages
Mobile App

Retailers have more (20x more) customer interactions with unknown intent than where intent is known.

Use Discovery to add customers to your purchase funnel and build customer lifetime value.

Adaptively Curated Product Collections Increase Re-Engagement

Activate customers and subscribers by delivering real-time ranked, adaptively curated product collections in...
Promotional emails, onsite, and mobile contexts.
Algorithmic merchandising delivers e-commerce product discovery that exposes more of your catalog to customers and automates new product introductions.

Build Customer Lifetime Value with Product Discovery 

It takes a different kind of technology to seize this opportunity and this is where Jetlore’s Adaptive Product Discovery delivers an unmatched solution.

Fill Your Sales Funnel

Increase order frequency from your customers and lift their lifetime value with Product Discovery.

Offer. Rank the products in your catalog in real-time for each customer interaction.

Listen. Observe customer interactions (clicks, searches, cart adds, product views) and passive data (viewed products).

Learn. Continuously update each customer profile.

Adapt. Curate a fresh, non-repetitive personalized collection for each new customer interaction.

Offer, listen, learn, and adapt.

Delivering ROI with Extraordinary 'Time to Value'

Elevate customer lifetime value and reduce customer churn
Improve activation rates through discovery of product interests rather than offering of large discounts.
Eliminate manual activity related to onsite and email product merchandising
Improve margins by surfacing and selling high margin and long-tail items
Improve ROI from email list building investments.

Up to 80% lift in revenue per promotional email sent

Lifts in total Enterprise revenue up to 10%.

Dramatic results with subscriber activation

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