Offer Fresh Experiences

Series Adaptation at a 1:1 Individual Level

Listen and learn from each customer's responses on a 1:1 level and continuously adapt their experiences to foster a dialogue. 

Customers have a low tolerance for repetitive experiences and tune out quickly if they see the same content repeatedly. However, customers will engage with experiences that are fresh, inspiring, and offer engagement that enhances continued interactions. This makes it crucial for experiences to be adapted for each new interaction in a manner that tells the customer 'we hear you'. Listening and adapting are the foundational elements of a content-based dialogue that forms the foundation of Relationship Commerce.   

As a series of experiences unfold over time, Jetlore observes a customer's response, and then learns and adapts. One layout provides an adapted experience for a customer every time they interact: 

Jetlore makes every customer experience:

  • Fresh, not repetitive - Jetlore continuously probes customers interests and iterates according to their responses
  • Adaptive to behavior - real-time profiles are updated by customer experiences in any channel. For example, a customer view in email impacts onsite and mobile experiences
  • Diverse - displaying a full range of content types. Jetlore's presentation technology ensures that each experience contains not only highly relevant content, but also a diverse selection across interests.
  • Cohesive - ensuring that all content elements work together to provide an experience that inspires intent.  

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