CRM Best Practices for Lifecycle, Trigger, Transactional, and Promotional Emails

Jetlore powers fresh, relevant, and cohesive multi-content experiences in hundreds of millions of CRM experiences per month for our brand and retail clients. As a result, we're learning a lot about best practices that:

  • Activate subscribers and customers
  • Maintain engagement in email newsletters as measured by sustainable and growing click-to-open-rates
  • Increase revenue per email (increased email efficiency)

CRM—Email Content Individualization Practices

Jetlore has found that customers respond to emails featuring multiple content types blended together in a way that makes sense to them (e.g., editorial, promotional, and product content that belongs together). Below are some examples of what we have seen work well:

Promotional banner, with related personalized products. Personalized categories, with relevant products displayed.  

A cohesive mixture of editorial content (style guides, how-to manuals, blogs) mixed with relevant catalog offerings. 

Inspiring images representing personalized catalog sections with related products. Sizeable 'general picks' sections that explore items related to a customer's profile.  

The importance of adaptation from one email experience to the next

The best performing lifecycle and promotional email newsletters strike a balance between different types of content and use automation to keep it fresh and relevant:

  • Promotional elements like banners with discounts
  • Optimized catalog category and brand content
  •  Individual product recommendations
  • Editorial content that adds value to catalog content

All content types need to be refreshed based on changing conditions including the customer's profile and merchandise performance. Personalized Content Orchestration, like what Jetlore offers, delivers this kind of capability.  

It's important to point out that repetition of content, including recommendations, will cause subscribers to disengage or even unsubscribe—even if the recommendations are relevant! Sending promotional emails that repeat recommendations, email after email is a bad practice (image below, left). In contrast, email experiences that offer a diverse selection of content provides a discovery opportunity. Content diversity combined with experience adaptation builds a sustainable email effort that subscribers look forward to receiving.

This makes it an imperative to keep content not only relevant, but also fresh and adapted with every new email that gets sent.  

While some of these recommendations seem small or nuanced, we have a massive amount of data showing that getting these details 'right' impacts performance dramatically. And with the sheer volume of emails that get sent, these performance differences mean big revenue impact. 

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