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Four Lessons Email Marketers Can Learn from Standup Comedy

Four Lessons Email Marketers Can Learn from Standup Comedy

At a high level, live comedy and e-mail marketing are very similar.  The metrics and KPIs may be different, but the goals are the same - in both cases you want to reach an audience with a carefully crafted message and inspire a positive reaction.

The 16th annual SF Sketchfest began last week - it's a month long comedy festival that brings some of the biggest names in entertainment to the San Francisco Bay Area.  To commemorate the event, the Jetlore team would like to take a closer look at 4 specific lessons email marketers can learn from Standup Comedy:  

1: The audience has demonstrated interest

When someone purchases a ticket to a comedy show, they're demonstrating a specific interest in that event or comedian and relinquishing their personal control over the content they see.  They're saying "for the next two hours, I will not watch the YouTube cat videos I know and love on my IPad.  You have my undivided attention."  All the comedian knows at that point is that the audience expects to hear/see content that makes them laugh, and they must use that opportunity to turn the audience into loyal fans.

That's why email is such a valuable channel.  Email is the only channel where the customer has told you specifically that they want to see more of your content and given you absolute control over what they're shown.  Essentially, an email subscription is the customer saying "I want to purchase from you, just give me a good reason why I should."  Like the comedian who needs to turn that audience into loyal fans, the email marketer must turn customers into loyal shoppers.

2: You can lose your audience easily with the wrong content

A comedy act that consistently "misses" with poor content will alienate an audience, causing them to get bored and eventually walk out disappointed.  

The same concept applies to email marketing.  Sending content that fails to relate to customer preferences results in lower click-through and higher unsubscribe rates - and while that doesn't mean you're losing customers completely, that does mean you're losing them in the one channel where you absolutely had their attention.

Don't wait for your audience to get bored and walk out (forcing you to spend customer acquisition dollars to bring them back), deliver effective content that converts from the start.

3: Understand your Audience to provide the right experience

Standup comics adapt to information and audience reactions in real time - gasps, laughter, applause - to gain a better understanding of their audience and what they like.

Email is the one channel with 100% logged in traffic; it additionally offers the greatest amount of information about individual customer preferences.  It's now possible to understand what items, promotions and editorial pieces each user interacted with and what ultimately inspired their actions.  However; current methods of email content creation prohibit marketers from actively utilizing this information.

Ensure your emails can be generated with relevant content, in real time, providing your customers the opportunity to buy what they really want - increasing their satisfaction and your sales.

4: Comedy content is "one-size-fits-all," and doesn't work in Email

Comedians design their act around simple, relatable premises.  They painstakingly edit their language, rhythm and cadence, but ultimately they create a "one-size-fits-all" experience that doesn't necessarily resonate each audience member. 

Many online retailers approach email content creation in the same way, sending mass emails of manually curated content based on a detailed merchandising calendar. This method requires a great deal of work from the retailer to create content that provides scheduled offers, but doesn't specifically relate to any one particular audience member.

The way to ensure relevant content for each customer is to analyze their preferences and create a unique email for each individual.  Easier said than done, right?  Not necessarily.

Thankfully, Jetlore has developed a way to captivate your audience, understand their preferences, adapt experiences, and create an individualized message for each customer.  Jetlore Layouts for Email uses predictive, AI-powered learning engine to develop a deep understanding of each subscriber and present him/her with the most appropriate items, promotions, categories, and editorial pieces - proven to activate purchase behavior.  

To learn more about Jetlore Layouts for Email, click here. 

To learn more about how Jetlore can help you go beyond personalization to prediction, visit www.jetlore.com.