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8 Things Marketers Should Know about Jetlore

8 Things Marketers Should Know about Jetlore

Welcome to the Jetlore blog! We hope that you visit often, subscribe and unabashedly share our posts. If you have visited our homepage then you have a general idea of what we do. In short, we are building the future of retail email marketing by allowing your e-commerce emails to optimize featured merchandise in real-time, based on user history and inventory statistics.

Optimize your email merchandise with Jetlore

What we wanted to do with our inaugural post is get you behind the curtain a bit and get to know the crew behind the greatest email marketing software created (at least we think so).

1. We hate buzzwords

We are neither ninjas nor hackers, we are a group of engineers and scientists, a designer, and a marketing guy who believe that we have created something awesome. We aren’t thinking outside the box because we never acknowledged the box in the first place.

2. That said, some buzzwords are unavoidable

We have proven results from industry leaders

As much as we may fight it, there are certain buzzwords that fit exactly what we do. We are all about optimization of email marketing. We take personalization to a new level, applying machine learning to big data to achieve amazing results. Oh, and we are all for omni-channel retailing.

3. Our customers are some of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world

We can’t name them (yet) but we can almost guarantee that you have bought something from our clients at some point. Our clients send millions of emails every month using Jetlore.

4. We’re working on some awesome case studies

Which is why we can’t name names. We will disclose them soon—in the right place at the right time. Working with e-commerce industry leaders means that we have scaled our solution to tens of millions of consumers and have collected some incredible data on e-commerce email marketing. We have some amazing results on how much more effective retail email marketing is when you use Jetlore. If it works for the big guys who have hundreds and thousands of engineers in-house, it will work for your e-commerce company too.

5. Soon we will work for small businesses

Currently Jetlore is an enterprise level solution that is being used by some of the most well-known e-commerce companies in the world but we are working hard to make our product accessible to medium and small businesses. We are confident that once you get your hands on it, you will love it.

6. In the meantime, we want you to be better email marketers

We want to help you become better at launching effective email campaigns. So we will be posting tips, tricks, and best practices for email marketing campaigns that will bring real results.

7. Jetlore will beat any startup in a ping pong tournament, PERIOD. 

There is nothing else to say about this.

We play a lot of ping pong. A lot.

8. We are always in varying phases of hiring so tell us about you!

Engineers, data scientists, salespeople, account managers, project managers, designers, and probably positions we haven’t even thought about yet. Are you really awesome at what you do? Send us a resume and a brief note about what makes you an amazing addition. We mostly want folks who can work out of our Sunnyvale office but if you’re a superhero like our content manager we’ll figure something out.