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Jetlore named Retail CIO Magazine's Top Retail CRM Solution!

Jetlore named Retail CIO Magazine's Top Retail CRM Solution!

Jetlore is honored to be named one of Retail CIO Magazine's "Top 10 Retail CRM Solution Providers 2017"

The companies included demonstrated an ability to help retailers increase brand loyalty and conversions through best in breed technologies and "showcase in-depth expertise in delivering innovative CRM solutions that boost operational efficiency for retailers."  Jetlore is incredibly excited to be recognized for our innovative technology and our ability to disrupt the status quo of Retail CRM.

At Jetlore, we've recognized that the legacy systems that currently manage retail communications are rule heavy, difficult to implement and maintain, and cause a great deal of work for marketing teams.  Our goal is to completely revolutionize how CRM teams work, and replace outdated, human created workflows with a predictive Artificial Intelligence.  Our core products support CRM efforts by utilizing AI to provide an efficient way to predict and surface email, web, and mobile content based on user behavioral attributes, and automatically sort product listing page content in real time.  The end result is that no two customers see the same collection of content, and no one customer sees the same collection of content twice.  For marketing teams, this results in 100 percent individualization of the CRM marketing channel, and between 50-70% increases in CRM revenue.

While marketers experience a profound and expansive benefit in productivity with Jetlore, our focus is in helping retailers create unique, individualized customer experiences that relate to each consumer's specific preferences and behavior.  We see that success in retail depends on the ability to understand customer behavior and leverage data to create positive and engaging experiences.  The only way to create these excellent customer experiences in a scalable and repeatable way, is to go beyond traditional personalization methods to AI-driven predictions. Legacy solutions that automate the delivery of pre-programmed content based on a single action or segment have proven ineffective, and the next wave of technology, that begins with Jetlore, will replace those workflow models with Artificial Intelligence.

Additionally, Retail CIO Magazine recognized that Jetlore's technology isn't only a way of creating individualized content, but provides marketers with deep insights concerning content performance and consumer behavior.  As our analytics functions continue to increase, Jetlore customers will be able to predict things like each user's favorite brands, fit, lifetime value, churn probability, or ideal delivery times, and tailor each experience directly to each user in a more granular and specific way than ever before.

Jetlore works with global retailers in every market vertical, including eBay, SecretEscapes, Nordstrom Rack, and Uniqlo.  

See the full article here: http://www.retailciooutlook.com/vendor/article23/jetlore,_inc

Or take a look at the press release

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