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Jetlore's Dorna Bandari speaks at the Grace Hopper Celebration!

Jetlore's Dorna Bandari speaks at the Grace Hopper Celebration!

Jetlore is proud to announce that our Director of Algorithms, Dorna Bandari, will be speaking at the AnitaB.org Grace Hopper Celebration on October 4th, 2017 at 3:20pm ET.

AnitaB.org was founded in 1987 by computer scientist Anita Borg, in an effort to support women in STEM fields around the globe. Today, AnitaB.org works with women technologists in over 50 countries and partners with leading academic institutions and Fortune 500 companies.  Their Grace Hopper Celebration shines a spotlight on the world’s leading women technologists.

Dorna Bandari is the Director of Algorithms at Jetlore, where she leads development of machine learning infrastructure and algorithms behind Jetlore's award-winning AI-powered prediction platform. Dorna holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from UCLA and has more than 10 years of experience in machine learning and algorithm development. Previously, she was at Pinterest where she led data science initiatives in infrastructure and the company's core product groups. She has served in various research and development roles at tech companies such as Pearl.com and Room77, and as a founder of an machine learning startup.  

Dorna’s presentation at the Grace Hopper Celebration is titled: “Categorizing User Sessions at Pinterest.” Dorna will discuss the challenges in deciphering complex user logs.  Most internet companies record a constant stream of logs as a user interacts with their application, which can be very difficult to decipher.  Dorna will present a novel NLR based method for clustering user sessions in consumer internet applications, which proves to be extremely effective in driving both strategy and personalization.