Cohesive E-commerce Experiences

Enabled by Jetlore's Semantic Understanding of Content

When creating experiences, Jetlore draws content from diverse sources like catalogs, product collections, marketing promotions, individual products, and editorial content. Because Jetlore understands content at a semantic level, it can blend together different types to optimize each experience. 

A Cohesive Experience Example

In algorithmically ranking and selecting content for this experience, Jetlore considered:

  1. Seasonal items for summer are trending, so Jetlore selected a related promotion. Based on her profile, this customer has purchased dresses, so seasonal dresses were selected from the promotional category and are personalized for her below the banner.  
  2. The profile also shows long-term interest in denim as a material. The category (the Denim Collection) was selected and links to its section page. The four most likely products of interest were selected and displayed below the category image to inspire. 
  3. A style guide from Paris Fashion Week was included because it was timely. It contains summer seasonal fashion related to the promotional category at the top (Summer Styles) which makes the two pieces of content 'semantically related'. 

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