Case Study - Linio


Linio is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Latin America and now a member of the Internet Retailer LatAm 500. Linio offers a wide variety of products online in many categories including, home electronics, technology products, mobiles, entertainment products, home appliances, fashion, sporting goods, babies and toys, books, and personal care products.

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"The Jetlore system adaptively learns, which drives great product discovery and repeat orders."
Borja Fernandez Alvarez, CRM Head at Linio


Linio's Challenge

Linio is constantly looking to improve interactions with its customers and promotional email is a frequent-touch channel. They had been creating email newsletters manually and were seeking to personalize product offerings to what each customer was interested in buying. 

Linio also understood that they could learn from their customers’ behavior and they wanted to use this information to better serve customer needs. The frequent-touch nature of promotional email could enable Linio to iteratively learn from an individual’s response to an algorithmically curated and merchandised selection of products.  

Linio felt a solution that combined these functions could elevate customer engagement, drive repeat orders and increase revenue.  Jetlore delivered the results Linio was looking for.

Revenue Increase per Email Sent


Total Enterprise Revenue Gains

Linio initially tested the Jetlore solution in Mexico. A/B tests against current merchandising techniques showed promise and continuing results have been even better. Building on the success in Mexico, Linio expanded Jetlore to more LatAm markets which have experienced similarly strong revenue gains.  


Borja Fernandez Alvarez

An interview with
Borja Fernandez Alvarez
CRM Head at Linio

As a CRM leader at Linio, Borja seeks to continuously improve Linio’s customer experiences—it’s a constant process.  Linio had experimented with internal solutions as well as trying vendor product recommendation tools.  Says Borja, “Jetlore was easy to get started and delivered strong results against our baseline testing.” 



What goals were you trying to achieve?

We had several goals.

We wanted to get relevant content in our email to each person so they engage.  And we wanted to learn from people’s actions and what they ignored. 

We wanted to increase the productivity of each email we send, with a goal of increasing revenue while reducing the number of emails we send. 

Of course, we wanted to increase revenue from our workhorse promotional emails. 

How was your deployment experience?

Jetlore was super easy to implement and it’s easy to use.  Very quickly, we were able to have merchandised products in our emails that are good and relevant for customers. Integration with our email service provider was quick and seamless. 

What plans do you have to keep improving the results of your email marketing?

We relentlessly pursue improvements and use ongoing baseline testing to ensure our internal and external solution providers keep delivering results.  That’s how we know that Jetlore keeps delivering better results.  The Jetlore system adaptively learns and that drives effective, personalized merchandising and product discovery with our customers.

How has it been working with the Jetlore team? 

One thing I like about Jetlore is that their team is so accessible.  This has allowed us to tackle issues as they arise and accelerate real revenue increasing results.



A/B Test Details

Inital A/B testing showed a revenue lift of 27.6% per email opened—detailed results are below.  Over several months, continued efforts by Linio and Jetlore have improved results even more to 51% over the original baseline.

A/B test data run over a month:

Emails Delivered 12.45m
Emails Opened 2.54m
Revenue Lift per Email Sent 27.6%
Incremental Revenue during A/B Test $400,000

Linio’s team performed extensive testing over a one-month period.  During that time, six and eight product curated collections were tested against Linio’s baseline email campaigns.  Over 12 million emails were sent and tested and the results were conclusive—Jetlore Adaptive Product Discovery delivered concrete, measurable revenue gains.



About Jetlore

Top 100 omni-channel retailers and top global online retailers including eBay, PayPal,, One King’s Lane, and Rocket Internet unicorns like Global Fashion Group, Linio, and Home24 are using Jetlore to deliver hundreds of millions of uniquely curated e-commerce experiences per month. Jetlore’s customers realize up to 12% in incremental online revenue, tens of millions in monthly incremental physical store sales, top customer interaction lifts of 50+%, and overall CRM program revenue increases of up to 80%.