Inspire action in the Upper Funnel by predicting each customer's unique needs 

"Upper Funnel" channels are the shopping experiences where customers haven't decided they're ready to purchase. Content in these channels is difficult to create at scale, so marketers continue to produce generic, discount heavy content for Email, Homepage, and Mobile App, that ultimately fails to convert.

Jetlore is the only solution designed specifically for upper funnel channels; marketers are now empowered with the ability to create an email, homepage, or mobile app template powered by Artificial Intelligence that populates the highest converting content for each customer.


How It Works

Create and define content types in our dashboard, and coordinate a Dynamic Layout for your email, web page, or mobile app

Copy the Layout HTML or JavaScript and place directly into your ESP or web page.

All of your site assets are ranked individually for each customer, and selected at the time of interaction based on the layout's configuration.


Personalization doesn't stop at products. All your content types should be coordinated to fit each user's tastes.


Catalogs for each individual

Jetlore can select the best categories, brands, and collections of products from your inventory for each user, and automatically feature the best images to represent them. 


Dynamically Ranked Editorial Content

Based on each user's interests, we can dynamically select the editorial content (e.g., blog posts, how-to-guides), that will engage users who may not have an intent to purchase.


Predictively Selected Promo Banners

Rather than sending a single promotion to all your customers, load any number of pre-made promotions, and Jetlore will do the rest. 

Jetlore will select the best promotion for every user, and you can filter the featured merchandise to match the selected banner.


Predictive Product Merchandising

Jetlore dynamically scores the set of featured products for each user. Our ranking engine selects the best products from your entire inventory, from a pre-defined filter, or can match your featured promotion or catalog.