Provide unified and fresh experiences along the multi-device, cross-channel customer journey 

Today's consumers use multiple devices and engage with retailers across different channels on their purchase journey. This creates a need to build a unified customer profile across all of these 'touches' and a way to personalize the content used to create the most engaging experience for each step on the customer's journey. 

Below is an illustrated example of a journey that a typical customer - 'Alexa' - may take over a week as she explores interests and makes new discoveries. We narrate how Jetlore maintains a unified customer profile and delivers personalized experiences across all of these upper funnel interactions


Jetlore supplies technology that makes it easy to deliver experiences on the mobile web and in mobile apps and to collect profile data from these channels. 



Jetlore's cross-channel personalization capability helps Monday's newsletter leverage the profile update resulting from Alexa's weekend search and browsing activity. 

Jetlore's semantic attribute technology combined with its 'holistic experience' presentation capabilities constructs a fresh, diverse email offering that explores Alexa's potential interests.  

Systemwide product performance gets analyzed to identify and promote trending items and target potentially interested customers. (Learn more about introducing new products)



Jetlore tracks all content and product impression information from every email open. So even though Alexa did not click on Monday's email, Jetlore collected valuable information that it used to adapt the contents of Wednesday's email. Click to learn more about passive data collection and its use.



The multi-device, cross-channel profile that Jetlore maintains for Alexa allows the retailer to offer personalized experiences however she engages. On Saturday morning, Alexa is engaging on her mobile device. Whether she's browsing the home page, or opening the retailer's app, Jetlore delivers a fresh and highly tailored experience.