The industry's most sophisticated AI-powered content solution for Email, Web, and Mobile Experiences.

Jetlore's Predictive Layouts empowers marketing teams to individualize the email, web page, or mobile screen experience of each user without engineering or segmentation overhead.  Jetlore’s AI-driven content ranking engine learns customer preferences from each consumer’s interaction and dynamically adapts to each customer in real time. 

Traditional Email Layout

Promotional email layout with large discounts and clearance sales, big box retailer, cyber week sale, clearance sale, business rules, personalization.

Jetlore's AI-powered Predictive Layouts

Jetlore's Prediction Platform allows retailers to build a structured attribute profile that leverages user interest to re-rank content with Artificial Intelligence, AI.

Jetlore goes beyond personalization. It's no longer about building segments and creating business rules. It’s about mapping consumer behavior to structured data with layouts that automatically predict what each customer wants to see.

An example of Jetlore Layouts, which utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to digest user preference and rank content for each customer in real time, and greatly out-performs personalization technology.


Download the Datasheet

Jetlore predictive layouts datasheet, describing how our AI technology helps create an individualized experience for consumers in email, web, and mobile channels.


Jetlore's Predictive Layouts predicts
the best content for each user.


Massive Lifts in Revenue per Email/Pageview

Predictive Layouts empower marketers with the ability to create AI Powered content that relates directly to each user’s unique semantic preferences, generating between 60-80% uplifts in revenue per email/pageview. 

View of Jetlore's dashboard and example metrics like revenue per email, clicks, attributed purchases, and email opens.
Jetlore's content dashboard where retailers and B2C marketers can upload and edit their site assets, products, and creative copy to be surfaced later via Artificial Intelligence.

Increase Marketing Productivity through our Predictive Content Dashboard

The Layouts dashboard provides a robust interface for managing dynamic content within your email campaigns and web pages greatly reducing manual processes for your team. 



Stronger Customer Loyalty

Predictive Layouts empower marketers with the ability to automatically generate content relating specifically to each user’s interest, leading to higher customer lifetime value and more than 12% decreases in customer churn.


Customer semantic attribute profile that displays weighted product elements, which Jetlore's AI directly compares to inventory data.
Jetlore dashboard graphs that show the potential opens, lift in clicks, lift in attributed purchases, revenue lift, total purchases, and total revenue per month for B2C or ecommerce enterprises.

Deep Content Insights with Jetlore Content Performance Reporting Suite

Jetlore tracks each piece of content it displays within Layouts and provides you with detailed reports and insights about what content (products, sub-catalogs, promotions) get most views, clicks, purchases, etc.  

The Jetlore Content Performance reporting suite provides actionable insight across many KPIs – such as page views, click through rate and conversion rate – and presents up to 50 items with the top values for a given metric during a specific campaign and time frame. The suite also enables users to download full reports of performance data for all products, promotions and / or catalogs for additional analysis, such as performance by region and other variables.  Learn more.