Product Listing Pages account for the most traffic of any retail site. Conversion uplifts in this channel drive significant revenue, yet merchandising teams still manually iterate to find the “optimal” set of products to feature.  There's a better solution—Jetlore's AI-powered Predictive Ranking.

Traditional Product Listing Pages:
Everyone sees the same thing
Product Listing Pages with Predictive Ranking:
Unique content for each user


Predictive Ranking delivers a fundamental shift in
Product Listing Page experiences.

Realize Massive Revenue Gains
Predictive Ranking drives massive uplifts in revenue for B2C enterprises by matching each customer's unique preferences directly to inventory in real time.
Build Stronger Customer Loyalty
Predictive Ranking immediately surfaces items based on a deep knowledge of each customer’s preferences in product attributes, and predicts what that customer will want to see - and buy - in the future.
Promote More Inventory Through Product Discovery
Predictive Ranking exposes a wider variety of inventory to your audience by providing each customer a unique selection of products, rather than serving the same top 20-50 items for all customers.
Improve your SEO Value
Predictive Ranking reduces bounce rate and exponentially increases click-through rates, strengthening your SEO score, and driving more organic traffic to your site.


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