Aggregating data is not enough

As more browsing, research, and purchases take place online, top tier retailers have a great deal of user activity tracked and stored - but no way of turning those actions into information about their customers’ unique preferences. So how can brands take advantage of this user activity? One way is to use Artificial Intelligence to infer structured predictive attributes. Brands need to capitalize on the customer and purchase data available to them.


Turn predictive attributes into actionable data

Jetlore is the only platform to map consumer behavior into structured predictive attributes using the power of artificial intelligence. Such structured attributes include things like size, color, fit and style preferences, brands, or preferred materials.

This structured data allows top tier retailers and large B2C brands to optimize content and communication for the consumers, make better merchandising decisions, optimize search experience, and empower the next generation of customer service. Our solution analyzes billions of customer-centric data points and product data, and with that deep knowledge of each consumer, we rank and predict the most relevant content for each individual user.


Jetlore's Prediction Platform

Applications for Jetlore’s predictive attributes provide strong ROI and enable innovative use cases:

  • Predictive Layouts for promotional emails and top landing pages

  • Predictive Ranking for product listing pages

Other applications include call center use cases, smarter predictive merchandising, smarter search, and smarter user analytics.


The Prediction Platform™ Products

  Predictive Layouts

Predictive Layouts empower marketing teams with the ability to create a completely individualized customer experience in email, homepage, and in-app experiences.

Supporting multiple use cases and content types, AI-Predictive Layouts generate significant revenue for worldwide B2C enterprises.

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  Predictive Ranking

Predictive Ranking for Product Listing Pages uses our patent pending "learning to rank" engine to solve for a previously impossible channel.

Jetlore Ranking analyzes billions of customer centric events and thousands of product attributes to go beyond personalization to predictions in real time consumer experiences.

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