Maximize the Value of Each Customer

Our A.I. Powered Prediction Platform Drives Sales, Loyalty, and Customer Lifetime Value

The Next Generation of eCommerce is Here, Are You Prepared for its Evolution?

Know Your Customer

Jetlore uses machine learning to predict each user's preferences (size, fit, brands, colors) from their actions, behavior, and everything they buy.

Lift Your Sales Across Channels

Leverage knowledge of customer preferences to individualize your emails, campaigns, and omni-channel shopping experiences.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Improve long-term revenue, loyalty, and retention by knowing each customer’s preferences across multiple sessions and transactions.

Emails as Dynamic
as Your Customers

Send user-centric (not product-centric) emails that reflect their real-time behaviors. We work with the ESP of your choosing, so once you build your dynamic email templates, getting started is a breeze. From personalized content, to adjusting currency and language on the fly, see why leading brands trust us.

Adjust Your Website
on the Fly

We predict and populate the most relevant promotions, products, and content for each customer shopping on your site. A couple lines of our JavaScript allows you to dynamically adapt shopping experiences for new and returning customers.

Make it Count on Mobile

Maximize the value of every pixel and make your limited real estate count by delighting app users with relevant and unique experiences. With SDKs for Apple iOS and Android, we make incorporating the benefits of A.I. predictions worry-free.

Integrating Jetlore is fast and easy — contact us to get started!