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Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence are deeply ingrained into Jetlore’s DNA. Since the launch of our platform in 2014, we’ve built a team of World-class engineers and scientists with a goal: leverage state-of-art AI to make predictions about consumers and their behavior at Internet-scale.

Our platform analyzes and interprets consumer behavior across hundreds of merchant sites to learn consumer preferences and provides simple to use solutions for merchants to leverage these insights.  From fashion to travel companies, leading Fortune 1000 brands trust Jetlore to increase conversion, drive incremental sales and maximize customer lifetime value.

We are proud to announce that we are joining the PayPal family!

Our Leadership Team

Eldar Sadikov is the co-founder and CEO of Jetlore. A computer scientist by training, Eldar spent time early in his career developing predictive statistical models for big data at Stanford University, Google, and Microsoft, prior to pursuing entrepreneurship.

As a thought leader in the application of AI and algorithms for large-scale data mining, Eldar actively advises technology and marketing leaders and is frequently invited to speak at retail and big data conferences.

Eldar holds a MS in Computer Science from Stanford University and left the Stanford PhD program to start Jetlore with the goal of bringing cutting edge predictive statistical models to B2C businesses. Eldar has received numerous industry research awards including the WSDM 2011 Best Student Paper Award and Google's Best Research Paper in Information Retrieval Award in 2010.

Eldar Sadikov

Co-Founder & CEO

Sergey Andreev is Jetlore's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. Sergey holds MS in Mathematics and Mechanics (2008) from St-Petersburg State University (Russia) and Professional Doctorate in Software Engineering (2012) from Technical University of Eindhoven (Netherlands).

A forward thinking technologist with tremendous experience building and scaling highly available distributed systems, Sergey's vision and expertise have greatly shaped the direction of Jetlore's platform. At Jetlore, Sergey now leads a multi-functional, multi-national team of talented engineers and Data Scientists to build and scale Jetlore's platform.

In his spare time, Sergey enjoys Basketball, Snowboarding, and Argentine Tango.

Sergey Andreev

Co-Founder & CTO

Dorna Bandari is the Director of Algorithms at Jetlore, where she leads development of machine learning infrastructure and algorithms behind Jetlore's award-winning AI-powered prediction platform. Dorna holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from UCLA and has more than 10 years of experience in machine learning and algorithm development. Previously, she was at Pinterest where she led data science initiatives in infrastructure and the company's core product groups. She has served in various research and development roles at tech companies such as Pearl.com and Room77, and as a founder of an ML startup (Penda App).

Dorna Bandari

Director, Algorithms

David Sanese is the Director of Customer Success at Jetlore, Inc. responsible for successful implementations and continuing engagements between Jetlore and its clients. He joins Jetlore with 10+ years experience in high-tech B2B customer positions in pre- and post-sales engineering and management roles.

David holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration from the University of Michigan.

David Sanese

Director, Customer Success


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