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Accelerate Product Introductions, Display More of Your Long-Tail Items

Accelerate Product Introductions, Display More of Your Long-Tail Items

Surface trending products earlier, make new items immediately available for recommendations

E-commerce companies rely heavily on new product introductions to activate customers and subscribers generate revenue. The challenge is how to facilitate product introductions at scale for an entire customer base and to ensure each individual is seeing items related to their interests. 

For many e-commerce companies, particularly those with rapid item turnover, the ability to get a new product introduced to the right customers is paramount to success. However, the process poses challenges as customer product interests vary, change quickly, and each individual wants to see different item related to their tastes.

The most powerful channel for re-engagement is email. Subscribers and customers have offered their email address and given permission for e-commerce companies to contact them. Yet, the primary use for this precious channel is to offer broad discounts and creative images. Engagement with this format of outreach is declining on both desktop and mobile devices. This format also offers nothing to connect customers with specific product interests.  

If an e-commerce retailer wanted to build a system to introduce new products in a way that is predictive, fresh and relevant, it would be very powerful for activation. If you want to understand how to assemble such a system, please click below (Also, you could get a demo of the Jetlore solution :)

View blueprint for building a re-engagement channel using email