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The Value of a Deleted Email - Passive Data

The Value of a Deleted Email - Passive Data

Don’t play what is there, play what is not there…
— Miles Davis, Jazz Musician

A Common Scenario - Deleted Email

A customer views an email, and then deletes it. This happens to about 70-90% of all opened promotional email and the rate is even higher for email opened on mobile. 

First, let’s discuss some details.

If you are solely reliant on clicks in order to gain customer information, then this scenario yields no insights for most of your subscribers.  

However, with the capability to collect information about what was displayed in an email, where, and to whom, you can learn more about customer interest by tracking what they ignored.

We call this ‘Passive Data’.

Passive Data

An interesting fact about passive data is that there’s almost 20X more of it than active data. Every email opened is an opportunity to 'survey' a customer and learn about their interests.

Emails powered by Jetlore collect passive information from every email that a customer opens. In addition, Jetlore tracks active data coming from clicks, purchases, searches, shopping cart adds - these are all discrete actions that show a customer’s intent.

When combined with active intent, passive data is powerful. Jetlore has found signals in passive data that we use to cycle out products in which the customer shows no interest and replaces them with new products that our algorithms predict are of likely interest. 

We call this ‘Adaptive Learning’ and passive data helps fuel it. It is an essential element of listening to your customer interests, responding to them, building deeper relationships. 

Improve a Customer’s Experience, Help Them Find What They Need

Adaptive learning that powers Jetlore discovery experiences at the 'top of the funnel' helps your customers find what they need and to stay engaged. By learning their interests through active and passive data, you can deliver fresh, relevant products to their inbox, on-site and in mobile.