Case Study - eBay


eBay is where the world goes to shop, sell, and give.


25 million

800 million
live listings

157 million
active buyers



eBay & Jetlore: A Broad Success

Revenue increase per email opened across all regions
Click through rate
Revenue increase per email sent in some countries
User unsubscribes declined

Results: We were able to increase the revenue per opened email up to 250% in some countries and 68% globally.

Integration process: Extremely simple. You install a tracking pixel on the site to optimize the campaigns based on the user behavior. Jetlore participates directly in the integration of the pixel to reduce time of integration.

Great experience working with Jetlore: The team is very professional, and very good at what they do, they have a really good customer service, and they are very proactive in suggesting new and better solutions to achieve objectives.

Fernando Trueba, Head of Marketing, LATAM, eBay



The Challenges

eBay operates a large scale cross-border e-commerce business that reaches customers in almost 70 countries. eBay delivers ‘Deals’ via an email CRM program and needs to build and maintain sustainable relationships with tens of millions of customers.

eBay and Jetlore worked together to solve a number of issues, including:


Sustainable customer

Activation of newly acquired users

The unique requirements of a high-volume market place

Cross-border e-commerce issues like language, currency, and product restrictions

Incorporating proprietary eBay data in user profiles



Sustaining CRM Engagement

eBay continuously seeks to improve their buyers’ experiences. With the vast array of items available on the eBay marketplace, helping buyers discover relevant offerings is a crucial element of a customer’s experience and ultimately, how they view eBay.

Changing patterns of how people interact with email, including the shift to mobile has impacted the type of engagement buyers have with eBay CRM newsletters. eBay had experimented with different methods of merchandising and knew that traditional discount focused, banner centric emails were declining in effectiveness. Changes in consumer behavior created a requirement to engage buyers in a new way.

Any recurring CRM that relies on emails to activate subscribers faces the issue of maintaining user engagement and activation. A key measure of sustained engagement is the ‘click-to-open’ rate (CTOR) and whether it stays steady over time. Below is a graph of the eBay CTOR. As you can see, over a long duration, the CTOR remains steady over a long duration.

Another measure of ongoing engagement is the level of user unsubscribes. More benefits appeared in this measure with the rate of user unsubscribes declining by 12%.



Generating Long-term, Recurring Engagement

A key challenge was to curate items for each user experience and present them in a cohesive experience. The idea was that emails that presented fresh and relevant product content would sustainably elevate customer interest and increase click-through rates and sales. 

To solve this challenge, Jetlore executes a recurring cycle of steps:

  • Each customer receives emails with algorithmically curated products that Jetlore predicts will be most relevant based on their real-time profiles (products are dynamically ranked and inserted at email open time).
  • Jetlore’s presentation technology ensures that each email has a diverse set of items with the product content designed to explore and gauge a customer’s interests and observes the response. 
  • Jetlore learns and adapts the content of the next email based on the customer’s response and dynamic changes to the customer’s behavioral profile.

This technology delivers fresh, relevant experiences into the customer’s inbox and transforms email into an engaging customer experience.



Activating New Users

Another challenge eBay was seeking to solve was the activation of newly acquired users. eBay acquires a steady stream of new subscribers and then has the challenge to activate them to engage and become buyers. Jetlore was applied to a group of these subscribers, providing them with product content related to their interests that adapted to their observed behavior.

The results were compelling: 

New subscribers responded to the regular flow of fresh, relevant deal content and many became active customers.  

After this success, eBay expanded the Jetlore optimized content to more customer groups including active and loyal customers with similar sustained success.

Solving the Unique Challenges of Cross-border and High-volume Marketplaces

eBay’s cross-border e-commerce business is one of the fastest growing business divisions for eBay reaching customers in almost 70 countries. Initial focus was on eBay Deals merchandise with its large set of curated items in its marketplace. 

To be able to personalize experiences in this environment, there were a number of important issues that needed to be addressed including:

  • Handling currencies and language for each country
  • Shipping restrictions by country—not all products could be shipped to all countries
  • Dynamic inventory—keeping up with expiring deals and those with low inventory
  • Including an item in product content experiences as soon as it’s available

Jetlore’s solution solves these issues and gives eBay a powerful tool to deliver compelling product experiences to its customers in every country with minimal marketing team work.



Flexible Profiles: Leveraging Jetlore Collected and Unique eBay Data

Jetlore collects a diverse set of data for its solution. eBay, as an online auction and shopping website, collects a lot of unique information related to products and buyers which is non-standard to other shopping sites. Jetlore was able to combine and leverage all of this diverse data for effective personalization.


Product watches

Shopping cart items



Online search queries


Browsing history

Email clicks


Prior purchases

Email impressions
(what products were displayed to the user in prior emails)

Jetlore is able to ingest this data in real time to update and maintain real-time non-personally identifiable (non-PII) customer profiles. These flexible profiles are then leveraged by Jetlore algorithms and data models to create highly relevant and personalized experiences for customers in almost 70 countries.



About Jetlore

Top 100 omni-channel retailers and top global online retailers including eBay, PayPal,, One King’s Lane, and Rocket Internet unicorns like Global Fashion Group, Linio, and Home24 are using Jetlore to deliver hundreds of millions of uniquely curated e-commerce experiences per month. Jetlore’s customers realize up to 12% in incremental online revenue, tens of millions in monthly incremental physical store sales, top customer interaction lifts of 50+%, and overall CRM program revenue increases of up to 80%.