Case Study - Evino


Evino is a leading online retailer of wines in Brazil.

"Individualized content works."
Evino's insight: Show more of it in more customer experiences.

Evino & Jetlore: A Broad Success

Conversation rates
Revenue increase
Click to open rate
Orders increase


Overview of Evino

"After extensive testing with great results, we are committed to using individualized content whenever we can."

If you like wine, then take a chair - or a glass - you have found the right place. With a mission to demystify the wine universe and make this world more accessible, Evino offers selections of beautiful labels for any occasion. Evino wants to bring wine to daily life with different options at unbeatable prices and discounts! At Evino you will find labels of the New and Old World, all have passed the rigorous selection criteria of our experts and offered at much lower prices.



The Challenges


How to solve these challenges at scale in a way that drives productivity for a small CRM team

Evino has a large inventory with many items and every customer has different taste in wines. The challenge was to show the most relevant wines to each customer, while keeping the experience fresh.

Evino constantly curates new wine collections and runs down inventory of older items. The challenge was to be able to immediately incorporate new items into a personalized content experience for each individual.



The Solution


Evino deployed Jetlore’s core technologies, JetRanker and Van Gogh, to algorithmically rank, select, and insert product tiles into each individual’s emails. 

The format of the emails did not change which means the engagement and sales lift where attributed to the individualized content chosen for each customer. 

Jetlore’s ability to observe, adapt, and improve from one email to the next keeps offerings fresh and continually improves customer experience.



Future Use

Evino is now deploying Jetlore individualized content to its website. Because Evino has used Jetlore for its email, a high percentage of customers have been 'cookied’ and will be recognized when they visit. Additionally, Jetlore has a rich profile for these customers that helps individualize their experiences immediately.



About Jetlore

Jetlore delivers Dynamic Content Individualization at scale for its customers. The combination of Jetlore’s unique technologies, JetRanker and Van Gogh, enables retailers and leading e-commerce brands to offer mass individualization of content experiences for their customers across channels.

Top 100 omni-channel retailers and global online retailers including eBay, PayPal,, One King’s Lane, and Rocket Internet unicorns like Global Fashion Group, Linio, and Home24 are using Jetlore to deliver hundreds of millions of uniquely curated e-commerce experiences per month. Jetlore’s customers realize up to 12 percent in incremental online revenue, tens of millions in monthly incremental physical store sales, a 54 percent increase in customer touchpoints, and overall CRM program revenue increases of up to 80 percent.