The latest addition to the Prediction Platform™ allows marketers to analyze the performance of individual Products, Catalogs, and Promos over a specified time range.

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Where consumer behavior becomes actionable data.

Top-tier retailers and large B2C brands now have real-time visibility into the items and attributes their customers seek most. This information allows marketers to pinpoint and extend the highest performing content, increasing KPIs such as page views, click-through-rate, and conversion rates.

With the Content Performance reporting suite, you can:

  • Enhance merchandising efficiency by keeping high performance items in stock.

  • Increase click-throughs by removing low performing content from communications.

  • Highlight the items and categories that your customers show a strong preference and affinity for.

  • Understand which promotional hero content should be featured more prominently.

  • Build intelligent campaigns that feature items with the most clicks, views, attributed purchases, or conversion rates.

  • Utilize advanced filtering to drill-down by campaign, sku, date, or several important KPI's including "Total Pageviews" and "Impressions."

Your team now has more visibility into your consumers' wants and needs than ever before.  Jetlore Content Performance provides real-time, actionable insights, to drive your CRM and merchandising decisions.

To learn more about the Jetlore Content Performance reporting suite, contact us to request a demo today.