Jetlore Launches Support for Multiple Content Types in Personalized Experiences Across Channels

New release powers cohesive content experiences with a 1:1 adaptation for Relationship Commerce.


San Francisco, May 10, 2016

Jetlore, the leading provider of Personalized Content Orchestration for enterprise e-commerce, now supports cohesive multi-content experiences and provides marketers with a ‘Layout Generator’ to manage their content orchestration. Jetlore has pioneered personalized content orchestration which provides the automated selection, combination, and delivery of the optimized content into every customer experience.

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Relationship Commerce

The transformational power of Jetlore's new product release is that it offers a method to ignite a two-way communication between retailers and customers. Jetlore presents content in one channel, listens for the customer’s response (even if it’s to simply ignore), and then dynamically adapts the next set of content in whatever channel customer shows up next. This type of dialogue is at the center of Relationship Commerce.

New Release Information

Key information about this product release includes:

  • Support for Multiple Content Types: In addition to ranking individual products (Jetlore before today), Jetlore now algorithmically ranks catalogs, product collections, marketing promotions, individual products, and editorial content for each customer experience.

  • Semantically Cohesive Experiences: Jetlore evaluates all content types at the semantic level which allows different content types to be blended seamlessly and integrated into a cohesive customer experience (for example, ability to feature products that match a promotion or an editorial content piece).

  • Experience Delivery Across All Channels: In addition to email (Jetlore before today), Jetlore now delivers experiences to web and mobile app experiences. These capabilities extend Jetlore’s existing Relationship Commerce offerings to the web and mobile channels, allowing retailers to more easily provide personalized and adapted content experiences across channels.

  • Experience Adaptation on an individual 1:1 basis: Jetlore is the first technology in the market to listen and learn from the content impressions on 1-1 customer level, including customer responses that simply ignore what was presented (this is called passive data). Jetlore adapts the content presented for subsequent customer interactions - this is called experience adaptation on an individual 1:1 basis. This release expands this capability to all content types.

  • Launch of the Jetlore Layout Generator: The Layout Generator is the interface for the retail marketer. Using the Layout Generator, a retail marketer coordinates and combines different content types in relation to each other. The output is a code snippet used in email templates, web pages, and mobile environments.

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“Today’s crowded retail market demands that marketers find better ways to more deeply connect with consumers,” said Eldar Sadikov, CEO and Founder of Jetlore. “Relationship Commerce is a method for retailers to continuously engage customers with fresh content drawn from diverse sources to deliver non-repetitive relevant experience across different channels.”

Jetlore’s email offerings have delivered results for some of the world’s largest e-commerce retailers, including eBay, Global Fashion Group, and One King’s Lane, achieving an overall CRM revenue increase of up to 80 percent and a customer interaction lift of more than 50 percent. The company has been growing 40% quarter-to-quarter since its initial product launch in 2014 and added more than 25 enterprise customers in the past year.

“Traditional solutions are isolated to a single interaction or transaction, only capable of personalizing based on a specific product context or customer segment. Our technology is the first in the market to listen and learn from customer reactions and then adapt the next set of content on 1-1 customer level.” added Sadikov. “This dialogue between a retailer and a consumer builds over time, becoming more and more tuned to the customer's needs. This cycle leads to higher customer engagement, repeat orders, and lifetime retention.”

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About Jetlore

Top 100 omni-channel retailers and global online retailers including eBay, PayPal,, One King’s Lane, and Rocket Internet unicorns like Global Fashion Group, Linio, and Home24 are using Jetlore to deliver hundreds of millions of uniquely curated e-commerce experiences per month. Jetlore’s customers realize up to 12 percent in incremental online revenue, tens of millions in monthly incremental physical store sales, a 54 percent increase in customer touchpoints, and overall CRM program revenue increases of up to 80 percent.



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