Relationship Commerce

noun | re·la·tion·ship com·merce | /r ’lāSH()n,SHip/ /‘kämrs/


Maintaining an ongoing 'dialogue' with a customer whether or not they have a clear purchase intent. Staying 'top-of-mind' with customers by understanding their 'lifetime journey', presenting engaging content, listening to the response, and adapting the next experience. 

The Three Essential Elements to Create a Customer 'Dialogue'

  • Recognize a customer across channels and devices. 
  • Get customer invested in their profile. Show that their time and data provide a good 'return' in terms of better experiences.
  • Ensure that every interaction is fresh and adapted.

When these three elements work together, it ignites the 'Relationship Commerce Loop' where every customer interaction leads to better understanding which leads to better experiences.