Dafiti is a multi-label fashion online retailer that specializes in apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty and home & decor products. It is Latin America’s largest fashion e-commerce site, established in five countries. The company aims to provide the smartest way to buy fashion in the region, combining a curated shopping experience with maximum convenience.

Dafiti sought out an improved customer experience, resulting in increased consumer engagement and revenue within their daily promotional newsletters.  Each newsletter typically consists of 5 components centered around a highlighted product discovery section, which historically featured discount focused content.


Historically, Dafiti activated customers through large site-wide or category specific discounts.  This proved effective, but could not sustain customer engagement over the long term, and essentially trained customers to wait for discounts that applied to their favorite items.  

Dafiti and Jetlore's challenge was in creating sustainable growth and consumer engagement in the email channel, while decreasing the number of discounts. This meant eliminating generic content that appeals to a broad audience and providing highly specific, predictive email content relevant to each individual consumer.


Dafiti utilized Predictive Layouts to power relevant customer predictions in their highlighted product discovery section; the Dafiti team was able to create highly effective product and category tiles that adapted to customer centric information in real time. Jetlore Layouts proved to out-perform the control group by activating customers through product interest rather than steep discounts.


Jetlore provided meaningful revenue gains throughout the testing period that lasted several months.  Most importantly, Jetlore produced a larger revenue lift on days with few or no promotions, proving that more customers were converting because of relevant featured products.

Jetlore also produced a consistent increase in CTOR that experienced far less volatility than the control group during the measurement period, indicating an increase in customer retention and lifetime value.

"Jetlore allows Dafiti to personalize the product content of our emails for each individual customer. Since Dafiti has customer with different interests and behaviors, with Jetlore we are sure that we will show products that meet their changing needs and desires."
Romulo Zarelli Costacurta
CRM Head at Dafiti