eBay is where the world goes to shop, sell, and give.  With over 25 million sellers, 157 million active items, and nearly 800 million individual items, eBay is one of the largest global marketplaces in the world, and a premier destination for businesses, independent online sellers, and worldwide consumers.  


eBay's large scale, cross-border e-commerce business reaches customers in almost 70 countries. eBay's goal is to create sustainable customer engagement by dramatically improving the buyer experience through relevant content offerings.  Because of the nature of their cross border trade, they needed a solution that could take various inventory restrictions, languages, and currencies into account.  eBay also faced a unique challenge, in that a large portion of subscribers had not yet purchased. 


Jetlore's ability to ingest and leverage incredibly specific customer traits allowed the eBay team to create high performing emails that directly related to real time user preference, greatly increasing click throughs, sales, and online revenue.  

Jetlore's Predictive Layouts activated new subscribers and created sustainable engagement for eBay by understanding and leveraging each customer's reaction to millions of semantic product attributes from every user impression.


  • Dramatic increases in revenue - eBay saw a huge uplift in revenue per email opened across all regions throughout the test period, as well as even stronger increases in revenue per email sent in the same time-frame.
  • Significant uplifts in consumer engagement and activation - Jetlore drove significantly more click throughs, conversions, and higher Click-to-open-rate, against eBay's control group throughout the testing phase.
  • Increased customer lifetime value - eBay saw a 12% decrease in customer churn in Jetlore's group, demonstrating a longer customer lifecycle and higher LTV.
"The team is very professional, and very good at what they do. They have really good customer service, and they are very proactive in suggesting new and better solutions to achieve objectives."
Fernando Trueba
Head of Marketing, LATAM