Linio is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Latin America and is now a member of the Internet Retailer LatAm 500.  An online marketplace, Linio offers a wide variety of products online in categories ranging from home electronics, technology, mobiles, entertainment, home appliances, fashion, sporting goods, babies and toys, books, and personal care products.

Linio’s objectives were to utilize customer behavior to better serve customer needs, and to improve email interactions by personalizing product offerings. Primarily, their goal was to increase the productivity and revenue gained from each email send, while also reducing the overall volume of emails.


Linio offers a large selection of categories, promotions, and items, with an inventory of over 1M+ unique skus - developing an understanding of each customer's interests across all categories and item types was very important.  Linio also serves multiple Latin American regions and must compensate for varied languages, currencies, and available inventories.  

Linio and Jetlore's challenge was to increase customer engagement through relevant content, while taking the variables of an incredibly large inventory and cross border trade into account.  The goal was to increase the amount of opens, clicks, and purchases through relevant content, while decreasing the amount of manual work required from the Linio marketing team.



Linio utilized the Jetlore Platform to solve for the many challenges native to a large global marketplace.  Initial A/B tests in Mexico were promising and showed strong lifts in performance, engagement, and revenue, so Linio quickly expanded to additional Latin American Markets with equally strong results.

Prior to Jetlore, the Linio team created broad, static email content manually.  Jetlore’s ability to understand and leverage incredibly specific customer traits allowed the Linio team to create high performing emails that relate to user needs and preferences, suggesting the best content out of millions of content assets.  

The Jetlore Platform activates customer interest and creates sustainable revenue in the email channel by understanding and leveraging each customer’s reaction to millions of semantic product attributes, (based on clicks, views, impressions, bids, shopping cart ads, product watches, and several additional behavioral attributes).  


Jetlore’s Predictive Layouts greatly empowered the Linio marketing.  By automating the process of creating highly effective predictive content, the Linio team reduced the amount of manual content curation needed to produce email campaigns.  Linio email content now automatically adapts to each user’s unique preferences automatically, leading to increased email opens, Click-through rate, and CRM channel revenue.

"Jetlore was easy to get started and delivered strong results against our baseline testing."
Borja Fernandez Alvarez
CRM Head at Linio