Secret Escapes’ unique model brings a “flash sale” approach to travel deals wherein the Secret Escapes team introduces a fresh, limited supply run of about 100 deals each week, and offer up to 250 deals at any give time. With more than 10 million members and operations in 12 countries, Secret Escapes is regarded as one of the 10 largest travel retailers in Europe, and came to Jetlore with the goal of sustaining excellent customer experiences for long periods of time.


Secret Escapes believes booking a vacation should be an exciting, stress free, and enjoyable experience, and as such they understand the critical importance of effective user experiences.  Their goal was to improve their email program experience to create continuous lifts in customer engagement, resulting in higher sales and revenue.  Due to the constraints of their unique travel/flash sale business model, they required a solution that could accommodate for both a quickly moving inventory as well as an infrequent or seasonal purchase cycle.


Secret Escapes applied Jetlore's Predictive Layouts to their promotional email program, which realized a huge productivity boost for their small email team. Rather than spending hours creating static emails, their teams could now create dynamic email content in a matter of minutes.

Secret Escapes utilized the Layout Designer to create dynamic email templates. In the Layout Designer, they created filters to constrain content types to specific elements, and took advantage of Jetlore's rendering engine to automatically pull in dynamic content such as:

  • Graphic tags and icons that communicate essential information
  • Price and discount that are automatically updated based on inventory information
  • Time left on offer automatically updated for each deal


  • Increased customer engagement - Jetlore's test group consistently drove higher total clicks and CTOR than the control group during A/B test.
  • Significant and sustained CRM Revenue uplift - increased customer engagement quickly translated into strong lifts in sales, revenue, and margin per member.
"Jetlore just makes the process easier and the quality higher."
Ollie Miles
Global Head of CRM
Secret Escapes